Recorded at Cock of the Walk in Kennesaw, Georgia
Produced by Jeff Tomei
Rusty LuQuire – Vocals
Kenny Kilgore – Guitars, Bass
Jack Massey – Drums
Kevin KcKendree – Piano, Organ
Carole Ford and Vanessa Conner – Featured Vocals on “Who’s Cryin Now”, “Pray” and “Dallas County Blues”

I had just started doing sessions with Jeff Tomei when we recorded “Shot Of The Warmth”. I think Shot was maybe the 3rd or 4th song we had worked on together. Those first few songs I worked on were originally written by Jim Troglen aka Johnny Blade with The Ladies Of… And it was my long time friend Blade who actually introduced me to Tomei. So after I came up with the lyrics and the vocal parts, Jeff suggested we bring on Kenny Kilgore to add

some country-ish sounds on guitar. Once we got him on that track Kenny basically said to let him know whenever I want to work together on some more songs.  Great idea! I’m thinking because I love the stuff he did on Shot and think we might be on the same page with other songs we might want to write.

Now after several sessions with Tomei and close to 20 songs written by me, Jeff and Kenny, we decided to release these 9 songs that have now become “The Storyteller”, as a record. It was actually Jeff’s idea and then Kenny jumped on board pretty quick which made me 
seriously consider doing the release. It was Kenny’s idea to call the album “LuQuire – The Storyteller.” Until then we had just been writing, recording and basically trying to get songs together that would be worthy of shopping to other artists or as an avenue to get work in the sync business.

Once we all agreed to do the record, Jeff brought in some great players to round out the songs. My old Storm Orphans band mate, Jack Massey was already on drums, so he got Kevin McKendree to add organ and piano.

Once I heard all those keyboard tracks it really made me fall in love

with these songs all over again.

On the final day of recording Carole Ford and her sister Vanessa Conner came in to lay down the background vocals on “Dallas County”, “Who’s Cryin Now” and “Pray” and “there wasn’t a dry eye in the room” as my Dad used to say.  
In fact I remember tearing up more than once while they laid down those vocal tracks and just love the energy they brought to the songs. It truly was a perfect way to finish this record.